(Advance broadcast) Monster Girl Doctor – Episode 01 [English Sub]

Notice! This is an advance broadcast ahead of the regular on-air schedule!
The regular broadcast schedule is at 23:30 every Sunday.
Ep01 was originally supposed to come out at 23:30 on 12 July, but we’ve gotten the rights to the advance broadcast held in Japan as well!
Ep2 will be released at 23:30 19 July!

English Full Episode Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwLSw1_eDZl3LmQOuDIveKBPJvUcapoq5
简体中文字幕播放清单: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwLSw1_eDZl2kRY8vEPyAWNhsDilEGeyc

Monster Girl Doctor
Episode 01 : The Centaur at the Arena
Episode Summary :
Glenn is a human doctor who runs a clinic for monsters with his assistant Sapphee in the city of Lindworm, where humans and monsters coexist.
Every day, they see a wide range of patients.
At the city’s battle arena, where they’ve been hired to perform physical exams of the fighters, they run into Tisalia, a centaur from a rich and powerful family.
A talented arena battler, she’s fallen into a slump as of late.
Her servants Kay and Lorna ask for his help, as they believe she may have some kind of illness.

2020 Ongoing Summer Anime!
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