Cells at Work!! – Special Screening Edition Coming on 12 December to Theatres in Singapore!

Cells at Work!! – Special Screening Edition ⛏️

Fans in Singapore, are you ready to join the cells for the uproar in the body’s intestines?

Fans’ Screening coming to Golden Village on 12 December 2020!
Stay tuned on our YouTube and Social Media Accounts this weekend for more information on the Fans’ Screening Goodie Bag!

Ticket sales begin on 26th November on the GV Website!

🎥 Japanese Audio
🎥 English and Chinese subtitles
🎥 Duration: 152 minutes
🎥 Movie Rating: NC 16 (Some Violence)

To be screened in the following regions as well:
• Malaysia
• Brunei
*Please note that the release dates have yet to be finalised due to the MCO regulations. This is still pending cinema availability and timeslots. More information on release dates will come at a later date!

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