Eagle Talon: Golden Spell – Episode 07 [English Sub]

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Eagle Talon: Golden Spell
秘密结社 鹰之爪-Golden Spell-
Episode 07 : Yoshida’s Trick
Episode Summary :
The Eagle Talon suspects the Vice-President of Crotter, Zahar to be the culprit.
Receiving a call from Zahar himself, the Eagle Talon eagerly infiltrate Crotter HQ but ended up getting captured instead.
In there, they learn the secret of Crotter and Kuroki. Crotter want to spy on Mifuyu and NTS want to spy on Zahar.
With the demand from both sides, Eagle Talon finds themselves in a difficult situation.
However, Yoshida came out with a plan that might turn this problem into an opportunity.
Just what could that plan be?!

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